Monday, October 20, 2014

Day # 602 Scotland Here We Come

As you know - if you've read most of my blog posts, I sing with the Gwinnett Choral Guild. Last Saturday, we performed "A Diminished Mass" by Scottish composer Alan A. Craig. Not only did Mr. Craig travel from Glasgow, Scotland to be here for the North American premier of his incredible composition, he brought with him a letter from the First Premier of Scotland, congratulating him and acknowledging the GCG and the friendship between Scotland and the USA.

Believe me, it was a BIG DEAL.

Naturally, Alan wore his kilt.

Fran Stewart & Alan A. Craig

At the dress rehearsal, he told us he had written this version of the Mass to paint a picture with music of what the words said. "Do what you're doing with it," he told us, "only do it more." His Scottish r's rolled as he spoke, and we stepped up to the challenge.

Fortunately, I'd managed to memorize the entire 44 minutes of the piece, so it allowed me to focus all my intention on projecting the images he'd woven into his stunning music. The Gloria was glorious, the credo was declarative, the Sanctus felt truly holy, and the ending - dona nobis pacem / give us peace - brought tears to many eyes (including mine).

There was a long, magic moment of silence when the music ended.

At the celebration afterwards, Alan invited us to Glasgow to perform there.

Scotland, here we come!

And don't you just know, I'll be getting all sorts of ideas for my next ScotShop mystery while I'm there.

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