Monday, September 3, 2012

Day #590 Rain, Rain, Rain

The ground around here has been gasping for such a long time, but today, there’s rain. Not just a little bit. A lot. And it reminds me of something.

I went without a piano for a number of years, from the time I left home to go to college until well into my married life. Finally, though, I got tired of feeling like parched earth. I wanted the rain of music back in my life.

So I bought a piano. The music started falling, just like tentative raindrops. I hadn’t touched a piano in so many years, it was almost like starting over again. Scales. Finger-limbering exercises.

But then the floodgates opened, and music filled my life once more.

Nowadays I don’t play the piano often. But I sing with the Gwinnett Choral Guild. I play my mini bongo drums just for the fun of it when I walk past the kitchen counter. I hum along as I drive.

It’s just like the rain. A little here, a lot there. A little here. Some more there. And my world is satisfied.

BEEattitude for Day #590:
       Blessed are those who fill their combs with pollen and honey, for they shall be well-nourished all their life long.

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AggiePete said...

Send the rain this way PLEASE - this week it will be literally 99 beginning tomorrow until Friday when a small cool front blows through ... I HATE SUMMER WEATHER !!!

I have always wanted to learn piano - the lovely lady that owned this house that passed in April owned 2 of them - they are still here and yes, Billy & I try but that's about all. I have always wanted to be Hal David& Burt Bacharach ... at least I am in my head !!!! Kudos to you that play!

Fran Stewart said...

An easy tip for playing beginning piano - use only the black keys. They form what's known as the pentatonic (5-note) scale. It's amazing what tunes you can sound out using only those keys.

The scale was first used in Africa, so a lot of spirituals are based on those five notes.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot,
My Lord, What a Morning,
and, with the exception of one note, Amazing Grace.

Give it a try! It's a good way to start.