Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day #592 DBF in 90-degree weather

Last Saturday, when I was working the Atlanta Writers Club booth at the Decatur Book Festival, a woman stopped by and asked if she could take my picture. “Sure,” I said, and held up an AWC brochure.

Mary Gilmartin, the one taking the picture, had invited me a number of months ago to speak to her writers group. I did, and we had a great discussion. It was good to see her again.

Yesterday, she sent me a link to her blog post about the book festival. The following paragraph was just one of many describing the wonders of that Labor Day weekend event. I was honored to have been a part of it, although I didn't see a single honey bee the entire day...

I first discovered Fran Stewart when she hosted a one-year project in 2009 on Mystery Matters. Every Friday morning she would interview a mystery writer. As an author herself, Fran has written many books. The first line of Chapter 1 in her first mystery book “Orange as Marmalade” is one of my favorites: “There had definitely  not been a body on the second floor landing when I had run upstairs to the attic  earlier in the evening.”       -- Mary Gilmartin
Thanks for the plug, Mary!

It was a fun, exhausting event. The fact that the temp hovered around 90 degrees the whole time contributed to the exhausting part. Thank goodness for the tent.

BEEattitude for Day #592:
       Blessed are those who share their knowledge with others, for they shall keep the hive functioning smoothly.

The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

I know your fans really enjoy seeing and meeting you at the festivals. Katie & I always try to make it to "Murder by the Book" bookstore or Barnes & Noble if someone we read makes an appearance. I feel it's the least we can do to show our appreciation for the hard work you put into your writing plus it's such a thrill when most are as nice as you ... believe me, some can be pretty 'prickly' but I figure it's either the Houston heat or their schedule. Anyway, great photo!!

Fran Stewart said...

Believe me, writers LOVE readers. In defense of the ones who are prickly, though, I've heard horror stories about book tours that some authors are sent on. They're expected to pay all their own expenses (travel, hotels, food), and sometimes to appear at two bookstores (or even three) in one day. It's in their contract, so they have to do it, but it must be such a drain. I hope I'm never in that position -- or if I am, that I'll have the strength to get through it with ease and grace. I certainly wouldn't EVER want to grump at a reader!

Mary Gilmartin said...

Fran, you’re right when you say “Writers Want Readers”. Thanks for mentioning the article I wrote about this year’s book festival. Thanks for letting me photograph you. Now, Readers take a few moments and hop over to my site. I hope you enjoy reading all of my adventures. You will find my first book, Adventures with Easton, in the bookstores mentioned on my website: