Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day #595 Arisaidh

You’ll never guess what I did -- 

Ancient Stewart Hunting
But before I tell you what I did, you’ll need to understand that I’m working on a new book - a brand new mystery series that has a character who is from Scotland, and another one with some pretty strong Scottish connections.

I figure I’ll be doing some book signings here and there when the book comes out.

So . . .

I bought an arisaidh from Misty Thicket Clothing.

I can hear you. You're saying, “What the heck is an arisaidh?”

I’m glad, as I so often say, that you asked. An arisaidh is sort of a cross between a skirt and a kilt and a cloak, worn by 14th-century women in the Scottish Highlands. 

Nowadays the usual spelling is a-r-i-s-a-i-d, but I think it needs that extra letter on the end to make it look - well, Scottish.

It's worn belted around the waist, and the top part can be pinned at the shoulder or used as a cover-up when the weather is inclement -- I always wanted an excuse to use that word,

Or it can be worn down.

These pictures are from the Misty Thicket website, by the way.

Keep in mind, I ordered a Stewart Ancient Hunting Tartan (see the example at the top), so the pattern of mine will look different than this one the model is wearing. Mine will have more greens and lighter blues.

And the other difference is than my hair doesn’t flow down my back like hers. <<<<< sigh >>>>>

BEEattitude for Day #595:
       Blessed are those who live life to the fullest, for when their wings wear out, they will be able to say, "Life was good."

The teeny details:
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The Cat Bastet said...

Hi Fran,

The arisaidh looks pretty and practical! Will you post a pic when your arrives?

Cathy AJ

Fran Stewart said...

Absolutely, Cathy. I'll get several pictures and show them proudly.

First, though, I'll have to0 figure out how to put the blinkin thing together. Chemise, Skirt, Bodice, Arisaidh, Tam... Did I forget anything?