Monday, May 7, 2012

Day #573 Moon Photos and Chicken Eggs

My friend Ellen Norton, who lives in Arizona, sent me this picture of the Super Moon last Saturday night.

Keep in mind that Ellen is not a professional photographer. Nor is she a professional astronomer. She was simply someone who read about the Super Moon in my blog last week and decided to try not only to see it,  but to reply to my challenge to photograph it.

Do you have any idea how good that makes me feel?

Although I started this blog simply as a way to spread information about honey bees and as a way to share with you my excitement about them, the blog has evolved, through many phases. I learned about bees; I planned for their arrival; I picked them up and installed them on my deck; I worked with them (and THOSE were days of a lot of ups and downs). But, most of all, I enjoyed them. I gloried in their sweet presence in my life.

You also shared my anguish when I developed an allergy to their stings, as I contemplated what I was going to do, how I was going to handle this new development. You saw them leave, and I'm sure you heard my cry, even though it was a written one.

Now I still talk about bees (sometimes), but I've found many other adventures to share with you. And sometimes, you've taken me up on those adventures, even though I've been unable to join in myself. Case in point: the Super Moon Saturday night. Calhoun GA was cloudy. Tempe AZ wasn't. Thank you, Ellen.

Example number 2:

When I wrote about getting over my fear of chickens, it inspired one of my blog-readers, Geri Taran, to install chickens in her back yard.
  •  Esmerelda is an Americauna 
  •  Tootsie is a Whiterock
  •  Roxie is a Barred Rock
  •  Isabella is a New Hampshire Red, and 
  •  Negrita is a Black Copper Marans. 

Now, I occasionally buy eggs from Geri, and I know they came not only from chickens I've met, but from chickens I know by name.

Moon photos and chicken eggs. Those, my friends, are only two of the many wonderful benefits to having kept a blog for all these days.

BEEattitude for Day #573:
       Blessed are those who explore new fields of flowers, for they shall find nectar and pollen they never knew existed.

The teeny details:
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Geri Taran said...


You should have seen "the girls" strut their stuff when I told them they're now Internet famous. No extra eggs, though. :)


Fran Stewart said...

Well, of course they strutted! Glad to have been the vehicle for their flight to fame.