Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day #574 Aurora Borealis from the ISS

Speaking of the moon, as we were yesterday, here’s a story from NASA: time-lapse photography of the earth taken by the astronaut crew of the International Space Station’s Expedition 30:
The green aurora borealis and aurora australis you’ll see in this video are precisely like what I saw years ago from the back deck of our house in Vermont. Seeing those green swirling, waving curtains above me was an awesome experience that’s almost impossible to describe. Now you get a chance to share it.
I’m glad that my friend Judi A. Winall, an incredible photographer whose Master’s Thesis I supervised, took the time to send the link to me.
BEEattitude for Day #574:
       Blessed are those who travel far and blessed are those who don’t, for they shall all see wonder if their eyes and their hearts are open.
The teeny details:
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