Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day #596 First Coat

The saga continues::

Yesterday morning I got up early, went out and put a first coat of paint on the garage door. 
The faces are gone.


It still needs a second coat before it looks halfway decent, and I'm almost ashamed to post a picture of it at this stage of the game, but I promised to keep you informed.

The ragged-looking first coat.

I’m thinking of putting a thin line of emerald green around the eyes--’scuse me, I mean the windows--to match the shutters. And then I may put a thin line of purple around each emerald green shutter. 

We wouldn’t want conformity to be too boring, would we?

Several butterflies came by to check it out. The good news is -- they didn’t land in the wet paint.

I don;'t think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto.

BEEattitude for Day #596:
       Blessed are those who make the best of what they have on hand, for they shall be able to entertain themselves.

The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

I like the door and I think a thin green line will look rather nice.

Fran Stewart said...

A line would certainly spice it up a bit. I think you're right. I'll do it.