Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day #264 Birds Get Scared -- Bees Don't Care

There is something infintiely relaxing about bees that I simply don't experience with the dozens of birds who beautify my yard with their myriad colors and songs and flitterings.

You see, even though I've been feeding these birds in this yard ever since I moved into this house seven years ago, they still startle every time I open the front door. And they used to do it every time I moved a curtain or walked past a window--until I got smart and installed energy-film on the windows. I hadn't realized it when I bought the stuff, but not only does the film block out a lot of heat, it gives a mirrored look to the outside of the windows, so the birds can't see inside!

That means I can stand there and watch the birds without their knowing I'm observing them. So they don't go careening away. That's good. But as soon as I open the front door, look out! They scatter as if I were stalking them.

Now, I don't mind that, not really. It's a survival instinct.


But it's not very relaxing.

Bees, on the other handm couldn't care less if I open doors, stand at windows, fling back the curtains. I can walk right up to their hives (as long as I don't flail my arms around) or perch myself in a chair nearby, and they don't mind.

Ahhh!!! It's so lovely to be trusted.

BEEattitude for Day #264:
     Blessed are those who trust, for they shall be peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Can I visit your bees this week?

Fran Stewart said...

If I had any idea who you are, I'd be happy to say yes, but since your comment comes through as being from "anonymous," I'm not sure how to arrange this.

If you know my phone number, give me a call.

If not, email me at fran at franstewart dot com, and I'll be happy to talk with you.