Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day #277 It was the Bee's Fault!

About ten days ago I fell. Dumb move. Tripped over my own feet. And it all started with a wet bee.

I happened to be standing at the bay window when a huge bolt of lightning launched a downpour that pelted the hives. One little bee, standing on top, right on the edge, fell – PLOP – onto the deck. I could see her struggling to right herself, but with wet wings she was pretty much stuck.

I threw on my Wellies – I’d just bought them less than two weeks ago at Gunter Hardware, a great store in Lawrenceville that I’ve been driving by for years, but had never stopped in. When I did, AHA! Wellington boots (Boss brand made in the USA, so selling for $17 instead of the $80+ British wellies I’d seen online).

Anyway, I stepped into my wellies, went out with a huge umbrella and a small stiff piece of paper, scooped up the bee, deposited her right inside her front door, at which point she shook herself and walked on inside.

“That’s where I should be,” I thought, as the thunder rumbled. “Inside.”

Once there, I opened the umbrella and set it to dry next to the front door, got halfway out of one boot, and began to lose my balance. The Wellies have such good traction, I couldn’t shuffle my other foot to get it underneath me. I fell, twisting to one side to avoid getting an umbrella spine in my eyeball.

My left leg lost.

Years ago, when I lived in Vermont, I was struck by a rock (another long story--sometime I may tell you about it) and ended up with a hairline crack (also called a greenstick fracture). This felt pretty much the same.

There’s nothing much one can do for a greenstick – ice it, elevate it, don’t put too much pressure on it, let it heal.

So that’s what I did, after—I must admit—having howled in pain for a while on my living room floor.

My daughter brought me some crutches—she works at the Hope Clinic in Lawrenceville—and I’ve been hobbling around ever since.

I think another day or two at the most should do it.

It’ll be good to get back to the land of the fully mobile. And when I do, I’m going to go have a talk with that bee. “Next time you hear thunder, go inside immediately!”

BEEattitude for Day # 277:
       Blessed are those who rescue us, for they shall have good stories to tell.

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AggiePete said...

My gosh! I just read Day 277 blog and what a fall that must have been! But the little fuzzie you rescued was oh so grateful for your loving kindness. Look after yourself and know your efforts and love are so appreciated.

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks Petie. I just saw this comment. I'm much better now. In fact, I haven't used the crutches at all so far today.