Monday, July 4, 2011

Day #265 A Ghost Story from Doug

My friend Doug Glazlay, pianist and DJ extraordinaire, puts out a weekly humorous thought. I subscribed to it recently, and the first one that came said:


The other day, while I was exercising, I gazed out the window just in time to see the hammock begin to swing, rocking back and forth.

"Must be windy" I thought.  Then I realized the trees were deathly still!   Yikes!

Looked again at the swing.  Still eerily rocking back and forth, as if someone were on the swing, having a grand old time in the cool morning air!  Yikes!

I started wondering who might have died in the back yard and come back to enjoy a visit! 

My mind went wild.

Just as paranoia was about to take over, I realized I had left my dog outside and she was scratching her rear end on the swing (out of view, of course).   Mystery solved!

Thanks for letting me share the laugh, Doug. I hope your Independence Day is full of fun and absolutely safe.

Now I'm headed off to read the Declaration of Independence...

BEEattitude for Day # 265:
       Blessed are those who provide water for us bees on hot days, for we shall buzz happily and mightily for them.

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