Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day #285 Corn and Heirloom Tomatoes and Chickens and Dogs

Saturday I went to the farmer’s market in Lawrenceville as early as I could. The heat index was 102 degrees, and even that early I wilted. But when I came home with fresh-picked corn and heirloom Cherokee tomatoes, and a whole bunch of other stuff (like homemade treats for my two grand-dogs), I decided it was worth it.

Corn on the cob for lunch is my idea of heaven.

But the coolest thing about a farmer’s market, besides the food, is the conversations. One of the couples there live not too far from me, and they’ve invited me over to meet their chickens. I admitted to them that I was afraid of chickens (I’ll have to tell you my chicken story sometime), and Julie said they had the nicest chickens in the world. We’ll see about that. I’ll be sure to take pictures and share the adventure with you.

Now, why do I need to visit chickens? Well, in the book I’m writing, the 6th in my Biscuit McKee mystery series, Bob gets some beehives…

Why are you not surprised about that?

… and Maggie, Biscuit’s nearby neighbor, tries to convince Biscuit that Elmyra, her lead hen (whom Biscuit privately calls Vampirah) is not out to get her.

I can research the getting-beehives-for-the-first-time just fine (by simply reading my own blog!), but the chickens I thought I needed some help with.

And of course, I spoke to everyone who had a dog there at the market, telling them that WAG (the Walton Animal Group) would be running a raffle soon. The winner gets their dog in my book, and WAG will get all the proceeds of the raffle. I had to laugh because I’m writing a generic dog into the manuscript. I’ll fill in the details once the winner is announced. But one dog I saw today must have weighed 100 pounds, and another stood about 7” high full grown. I may have to do a lot of re-writing depending on who wins.

I’ll let you know when the raffle is up and running.

BEEattitude for Day # 285:
       Blessed are those who buy locally from farmers who grow crops that we can gather pollen and nectar from, for they shall all win!

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