Friday, November 12, 2010

Day #32 The Birds and the Bees

No, I'm not writing about THAT. I'm writing about birds. And bees.

You see, they go together. A yard that is bee-friendly, with lots of nectar-producing plants, will probably be bird-friendly as well.

Some time ago, I started a running list of bee-friendly plants that I keep adding to as I think (or read) of new varieties. Viburnums and asters and zinnias and sunflowers. Bee balm (of course) and cleome and sages and daisies. Wax myrtle (male and female to get the fruits) and cardinal vine and Batchelor's Buttons. Elderberry and beautyberry and blackberries and raspberries. And elderberries.
     I already have a huge tuplip poplar and a bunch of Rose of Sharons in my front yard and an entire deciduous forest in my back yard.

I'd love to get to the point where I don't need to feed the birds with purchased birdseed, but my yard simply isn't big enough for all those plants (not to mention the seventy others I have on my list). Birds need so much in the way of varied habitat. Bees are the same way. I'd like not to have to feed them sugar-water, but when I get that three-pound package of bees next spring, they're not going to have any honey stores to feed themselves or the babies that the queen will soon start laying.

That means I'll need to feed them.
So, I'll keep on going to Wild Birds Unlimited for my birdseed.
and I'll crank up the sugar water when the time is right.

BEEattitude for Day # 32:
       Blessed are those who plant yummy flowers, for they shall be surrounded by beauty and by happy bees.

One thing I’m grateful for right now:
       Miss Polly, the cat who is curled on my lap as I type. And Daisy, the cat who is perched on my shoulder. I know, I know -- that's two things for which I'm grateful. But there's no such thing as too much gratitude.

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