Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day #34 Pollen Pockets

Way back on Day #14 I talked about corbiculae, the pollen pockets that bees have on the sides of their back legs. I've finally found some good pictures. I went to the Library of Congress website and searched public domain pictures. Then I picked one of the choices they gave me (animals) and searched for bees.

That's why my posts recently have had so many photos in them. They don't come through with as much resolution as the originals, but you'll get the idea.

Here are a few that show the pollen clearly. See the sprinkles of golden pollen all over this bee's body?

And this photo shows the corbicula on her right back leg packed with pollen, like a little saddlebag:

BEEattitude for Day #34:
           Blessed are those who pay attention to details, for they shall have much more fun in life.

One thing I'm grateful for:
          The chance, occasionally, to experience different climates in this vast land of ours, and to know that bees are (almost) everywhere.

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