Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day #37 Here's another bee joke:

I had so much fun with the last bee joke (see Day #24) that I want to do it again. Here goes:

Why did the bee cross the road?

Send your answers to me, fran at franstewart dot com, or put them in a comment below, and I'll post the winner in a few days.

BEEattitude for Day # 37:
       Blessed are those who love to play with words, for they shall be eternally entertained. 

One thing I’m grateful for right now:
       The sunset last night and the sunrise this morning. I  know - I listed two things, but it's my gratitude, so I can get away with it. 


AggiePete said...

Fran, 'just bee-cause'!

AggiePete said...

Fran, here's another one from my twin sister Katie:
"He saw 'A Taste of Honey' on the marquee at the drive-in across the road".

Fran Stewart said...

Now, how am I going to figure out a winner with two such good entries???? Plus, I've gotten two other entries sent to my eddress. Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions.

AggiePete said...

This was so much fun - the whole family is throwing out answers! Even Bill, my husband, said "the bee crossed the road because the chicken didn't want to anymore"! Corny but hey, like I said, the whole family wanted in on it! Seriously, we are all enjoying the blog so much - the office has been so busy lately but I'm still finding time to read it on my lunch hour. Hugs from Houston, Petie & 'crew'