Monday, August 8, 2011

Day #300 Halfway There

When I started this project of blogging about bees (and, as it’s turned out, other related topics like chickens) for 600 days, I thought 600 sounded almost insurmountable. I chose that number because it seemed outrageous, and I wanted to challenge myself as a writer in a way I never had before.

And here we are at day #300, halfway there. I say “we” because this is turning out to be a journey I’m not taking alone as evidenced by the emails I receive from readers. It always surprises me, though, when I meet someone, as I did a couple of weeks ago at the Farmer’s Market who comments on one of my posts that she enjoyed. “You mean, you’re reading it?” was my totally unprofessional response.

She looked at me as if I were absolutely, totally barmy. I wonder if she’ll ever read another post…

And now on to other stuff:

I love Recorded Books. I generally listen to them while I’m driving, but sometimes (like when I’m knitting) it’s nice to listen in my living room. I recently checked out Crime and Punishment. It’s the story of a young man who murders a cruel pawnbroker and who then bears the intellectual and spiritual crises that follow.

The usual CD book runs maybe 10 or 12 discs. This one is 21! And I’m halfway through #11, so I’m halfway through Dostoevsky’s masterpiece. This seems to be my day for halfwayness.

I tried reading it years ago, when I was in high school, but I kept getting hung up on those long Russian names and was thoroughly confused. The recording, though, is incredible. I’m caught up in the story and find that I truly care about these characters.

What recorded books have you particularly enjoyed?

BEEattitude for Day # 300:
       Blessed are those who read, for they shall have unlimited worlds before and inside them.

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The Cat Bastet said...
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The Cat Bastet said...

I, too, love audio books! My favorites are Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series, J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series (I *love* Jim Dale, the reader), The Lord of the Rings, Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who series, and anything by Ray Bradbury (esp those read by the author).

I buy the books I know I'll listen to again on Audible but our local library has a wonderful collection so I can get new audio books as soon as they come out.

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks for your comment, Cat. I've never listened to the audio versions of Tolkien or Peters -- probably because I love the books so much I can already hear the characters. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.

You have me intrigued now, though, so I'll probably try to check them out and give a listen.