Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day #309 Perspective

Don’t let perspective fool you. You never know what might be around the corner – or under the overhang.

When I look down on my hives, I see this:

Looks like there aren’t many bees, right?
Ah, but I need to shift my perspective a bit, see the other side of this story.

When I look sideways at the hive, I see this:

 sorry the picture's fuzzy...
Funny what a little shift like that will reveal.

What can you look at from a different angle today?
  BEEattitude for Day # 309:
       Blessed are those who look at life from many perspectives, for they shall remain flexible all their lives.


AggiePete said...

Wow! So good to see all the little fuzzies! I always smile when I see them & to know they are busy and loved.

Fran Stewart said...

I've been wondering if I should get a good camera so I can do justice to the little girls. But balancing the cost of a camera against fuzzy puctures, I gues my pictures will just have to stay as fuzzy as the bees...