Friday, August 12, 2011

Day #304 Kisses from Two Very Different Critters

Awright, I know this may sound weird, but this morning, when Miss Polly woke me up by gently touching her paw to my cheek, I couldn’t help by think about a fly that got in the house a couple of days ago and ended up landing on my cheek – not for very long, of course, since I batted it away.

But the fact that two such very different creatures both touched my cheek led me to wonder what a fly looked like close up. I had already taken a picture of Polly’s paw as she snoozed on the couch, and I located (on the  MicroAngela website, the same place I found the microscopic photo of a honey bee head for Day #294) this picture that was labeled “Fly Kiss.”

Copyright by Tina (Weatherby) Carvalho - MicroAngela
Polly Paw
Thought you’d like to see the two side by side:

Given a choice, I'll take the Polly Paw anyday.

I wonder what a fly looks like to a honey bee?

BEEattitude for Day # 304:
       Blessed are those who think of fun analogies, for they shall entertain themselves.

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