Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day #142 Don't go to a gardening center . . .

Why did I say DON’T GO TO A GARDENING CENTER  in the title to this blog?

Because I just did go to such a place. And I ended up blowing my budget.  But then I had the fun of coming home and planting creeping thymes and hellebores and a gorgeous rosemary bush. The biggest rosemary bush I’ve ever seen was at the last house I owned, and I’ve missed it (the bush, not the house) ever since. I planted the one today right over where Rimski is buried.

Here’s what Rimski looked like when he was a kitten:

(c) Yelloideas Photography

Then he got bigger and lounged around on the computer monitor in my son’s house. When my son had to go overseas, his cats came to live with me. And I didn’t give them back.
(c) Yelloideas Photography

But, I've gotten off the track here. I’m so glad I’ve had a compost pile percolating for several years. Now that I’m finally interested in planting again (all because the bees are going to need nectar to gather), the compost is coming in handy. The only problem with using compost is that I spend a lot of time rescuing earthworms before I can plant anything; but then again, what else is a lovely day for if not to encourage us to take time to move deliberately and enjoy every moment?

BEEattitude for Day # 142:
       Blessed are those who start plants early, for we bees shall be grateful to them.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       Those earthworms   

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