Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day #156 Two weeks to go till B-Day

B-Day (Bee Day) in two weeks! or maybe three . . .

And there's still so much to do. We’ve had so much rain lately that I haven’t finished staining the deck yet. Don’t want to be slapping stain around while my brand new bees are getting used to their brand new location on my back deck. So far I have half the deck stained with one coat, and I need two coats over everything.

Then, all those seeds my grandchildren and I started inside are outgrowing their pots, but it’s still a bit too early to transplant them outside.

As far as my wonderful work goes, my 6th Biscuit McKee mystery is still in one of its numerous drafts, and I have five amazingly productive doctoral candidates whose dissertations I’m editing, as well as two novels. I’ll be leading some classes and doing some book signings and speaking to some book clubs.

On top of all this, Monday night I agreed to serve as the treasurer for the Gwinnett Choral Guild for a two-year term starting in June. Egads! It’s a community choir, and I know I really should do my part—which is why I volunteered. But I’m so busy . . .

Can it, Frannie. You’re in control of your own calendar. If you’re busy, it’s your own responsibility, so that’s not an acceptable reason to whine.

Okay, okay! But I draw the line HERE. From now on, I’m not volunteering for ANYTHING else.

I’ll edit and write. I’ll do what’s necessary around the house. I’ll donate blood every other month. I’ll knit and sing. I’ll connect with my family and friends. I’ll walk and garden and read. I’ll uphold my volunteer commitments. I’ll play at beekeeping.

Hmm . . . That sounds like a pretty good life, doesn’t it?

BEEattitude for Day # 156:
       Blessed are they who appreciate their lives, for they shall glow with well-being.

What Fran is grateful for right now:
       My editing clients    


Geri T said...

Hi Fran, I'm finally a "follower!"


Fran Stewart said...

Welcome to the Bees Knees Family, Geri. Glad to have you here!

Anf thanks for the baked sweet potato today. Yummy indeed.

The Cat Bastet said...

Wow, you are a busy lady, but I'm glad life is good.

I can't believe you have 5 dissertations to edit. That's a lot.

Tell Biscuit, Marmy, and co. I'm looking forward to our next visit.

Cathy Akers-Jorda