Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day #149 The Prayer of the Children

On Sunday I'll be singing at Spivey Hall with The Gwinnett Choral Guild. I hope you can come to the 4:00 performance. The theme will be feeding the hungry, and that means the hunger of the heart as well as of the belly.

One of the songs we're performing is Bestor's "The Prayer of the Children," which he wrote after having visited a war-torn land. This link is to a performance by Baylor University's Men's Choir. The pictures, I must warn you, are very sad, but they show the reason why war is so insane.

Bees are smarter than humans. Even the Africanized bees, which I wrote about on Day #67 (December 17th), take over a colony fairly peacefully. Pretty much the only one who dies is the queen, after which the invader bees install their own queen and become part of the hive. All the baby bees are safe through the whole process.

Spivey Hall is on the campus of Clayton State College in Morrow, GA. I hope you can attend the 4:00 performance and enjoy our glorious music. If you can’t be there, will you send my throat some good vibes?

BEEattitude for Day # 149:
       Blessed are the peacemakers, for their hives shall grow many happy baby bees.

Someone Fran is grateful for right now:
       Phillip Shoultz III, the inspiring director of the Gwinnett Choral Guild    

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