Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day #387 Scary Movies

Do bees ever get scared? Not that I’d have any way of knowing for sure, but I rather think they don’t. People, on the other hand, do. Maybe not every person, but the one who’s typing this blog post at 2:30 in the morning, certainly.

I have a dear friend who, from the very first episode, was addicted to the X-Files.  For years I’ve heard her raving about that show. I finally decided to get my old Netflix in gear and order the first X-Files movie.

Darlene had told me, of course, the general idea of the X-Files being a fight against horrible extraterrestrials who want to take over the Earth. “How bad can that be?” I thought, forgetting that I still get the willies thinking about that old sci-fi movie I saw in the 1950s. Them, it was called. Shiver, shiver! 

I took a break from editing about 5:00 yesterday, walked to the mailbox, and pulled out a familiar red envelope. I cranked up the old computer on which I watch my Netflix movies. I made it until about 5:25, when Scully was poking at a gelatinous corpse. Hit the stop button, ejected the DVD, called Darlene, and said, “How on earth did you talk me into watching an X-Files movie?”

“How far did you get?”

I told her.

“I’m surprised you made it that far. It’s a good thing it’s still light outside!”

Even as we spoke, I slid the stupid DVD back in its little red envelope, and decided to cancel the 2nd X-Files movie, which I was dumb enough to have put on my Netflix queue.

I own very few DVDs, but I just happen to have a copy of Pride and Prejudice. The book has always been a favorite of mine, and even though the movie simplified the story a great deal, I found out last night that P & P is a great antidote to X.

Now I’m going to have to pull out my print copy of P&P and read it again, for the umpteenth time.

Beats X any day.

Bees are lucky. They don’t ever have to worry about such stuff.

BEEattitude for Day # 387:
       Blessed are those who use their imagination rather than letting their imagination use them, for they shall sleep peacefully.


AggiePete said...

I have always wanted to read Pride & Prejudice and never have. Didn't have to read it in school so it was always one of those "I'll read it one day" classics. Now after you've spoken of it and Meg Ryan was so crazy about it in YOU'VE GOT MAIL, I'll have to buy it and do it! As for the X Files, I always liked the series but the movie was a little 'out there'. And as for scary movies, I've always liked the older ones that didn't have all the gore that are in the present day ones. A good scary story decades ago didn't need all the 'junk' today's films have to be a good movie. "Those were the days" .....

Fran Stewart said...

I agree, Petie. The old movies really knew how to ratchet up the suspense without the gore.

And let me know what you think of Pride and Prejudice after you read it. It's one of those book I re-read every decade or so.