Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day #396 And the Winners Were (Not) ...

When the winner of the dog drawing was chosen, I emailed all the other people who had entered and asked them to send me pictures I could post on my blog. That way their dogs would at least be “published,” even if they hadn’t made it in to the next Biscuit McKee mystery. Only four people took me up on that offer, so here are four of the dogs who didn’t win.

This is Bella, but she reminds Cathy of her dog Bingo from childhood. Cathy said if she’d won, she would have had Bingo in the book.


 Sally’s dog is 11-year-old Ginger.

This is Annie, who adopted Dauna.

And this glorious Italian Spinone, named Radar, lives with Marni. If great big Radar had won I would have had a lot of rewriting to do in the final scenes.

Lots of other people entered their dogs in the drawing, but you’ll just have to imagine what they look like.

The winner of the drawing was Gracie.

Her bio and photo will appear in VIOLET AS AN AMETHYST    

BEEattitude for Day # 396:
       Blessed are those who love bees and dogs, for they shall always have the fuzzies in their lives.

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The Cat Bastet said...

Thank you so much, Fran! All the dogs are so sweet.

Cathy AJ

Anonymous said...

Fran, Radar is so very proud to have his snap published! Thank you very much~and email me about guest blogging if you want on AuntieM Writes down the road~

Fran Stewart said...

Marni, I was delighted to include Radar, and I'd be very happy to guest blog on Aunti M. Do you want me to talk about the new book or about beekeeping or about both?