Friday, November 18, 2011

Day #402 Lincoln Logs and Honey Combs

One of my favorite toys when I was a kid was on old set of Lincoln Logs. I could spend hours creating towers and paddocks, houses and barns, fences and factories. Even to this day, I’m happy when I’m swinging a hammer, putting together a set of honey supers.

Is the propensity to build an innate yearning? My grandson Aiden was here the other day. He pulled out the set of Dominos I keep in an old oatmeal box. With quiet intensity he built and built.

First it was a fenced in corral for the domino horses. Then it was a hotel.  Finally a tower with a microwave doohickey on top and a crowded parking lot below.

Bees build honeycomb. Kids build towers and parking lots. Grannies build (sometimes lopsided) trellises and planters.

I’ve never heard of bees taking down what they built. I’ll have to do some research. What happens if a honeycomb isn’t well-anchored? Do they just wait for it to collapse under its own weight, the way my grandson’s third tower keeled over when it was 27 dominoes high? Or do they somehow or other reverse the building process, chew up the wax, spit it out, and start over again?

I don’t know. Do you?

BEEattitude for Day # 402:
       Blessed are those who ask questions and try to find the answers, for they shall remain interested in life all their days.

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AggiePete said...

I love the photos ! Lincoln logs ... and tinker toys ... great fun and imagination was all you needed. And I can't recall seeing an ill-constructed beehive ... my bet would 'bee' few would need any reconstruction.

Fran Stewart said...

For that matter, I used to be able to entertain myself for hours at a time just climbing trees. Five years old at the top of a pine tree in South Carolina -- life didn't get much better than that! And then Phillip, my friend fell out of the tree one day, broke his arm, and I was banned from climbing trees. Not Fair!

AggiePete said...

You know I can remember playing in our front yard 'dress up' with old curtains or whatever we could find. Didn't have too many trees to climb here but did have a load of blackberries in the backyard! Amazing how those grew wild and we'd pick them & Mother would make cobbler - life was so simple - we never gave a second thought to what we didn't have - just enjoyed what we did have!

Fran Stewart said...

Blackberries in your back yard. That sounds like sheer heaven!