Monday, January 2, 2012

Day #447 How Do Bees Measure?

I was listening this morning to an audio book set in old England, and one of the characters referred to twelve shillings being worth 144 pence. So now I know that it took 12 pennies to make a shilling.

Years ago, when Canada was shifting from the old measurements of feet and inches to the metric system, there was a Canadian television commercial that featured a gorgeous woman flouting her measurements. “I’m 91-61-91,” she would say breathlessly, and few people who saw that commercial ever forgot what the metric equivalent of 36-24-36 was. Actually, 36 inches is 91.44 centimeters, and 24 inches is 60.96 centimeters. But 91-61-91 was close enough for all of us to get the idea.

So, aside from the fact that America is in the dark ages where measurements are concerned – but I won’t step onto that soapbox – what sort of measurements would honeybees use?

This is one I came up with:

Give ’em a wing, and they’ll take a meadow-width.

Can you think of any others?

BEEattitude for Day #447:
       Blessed are those who faithfully feed their hive, for they shall find sustenance themselves in plenty.

The teeny details:
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