Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day #450 What's the Diagnosis Code?

It’s time to admit that I just turned 65. Yesterday I went to the Hope Clinic in Lawrenceville for my “Welcome to Medicare Physical.” Several people I’ve talked to since then said, “So it was free, huh?”

“Nope,” I said. “I paid for it over the years, and now I’m reaping the benefit.”

Anyway, this physical, something bees never have to go through, is designed to establish a base line for any future exams. After the doctor asked, discussed, prodded, measured, and poked, he glanced at his paperwork, looked confused, and said, “Uh…um…excuse me a moment, please,” and he left the room.

When he came back some time later he told me that he’d “had no idea what was the diagnosis code for perfectly healthy,” since he hardly ever used it, so he’d had to go ask someone.

He also told me that if I didn’t want a colonoscopy, he didn’t see any reason why I had to have one.

He’s my kind of doctor!

BEEattitude for Day #450:
       Blessed are those who do what they have to do when they have to do it, for they shall feel a good sense of accomplishment.

The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

Atta girl!!! Sounds like a good report to me! "A honey of a visit"!

Geri said...

No surprises there, Fran. I'm sure you'll live to a very ripe old age. I don't want to list a number because I don't want to mput a limit on it!

Fran Stewart said...

I figure that by the time I hot 104, I'll begin to start thinking about slowing down. How does that sound?

Fran Stewart said...

I meant HIT 104, not HOT 104.

Typos, typos,...