Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day #455 Rolltops

When I was a kid, the only roll-top I knew of was an old desk.

So I was intrigued recently when someone sent me a link to a site that shows a rolled-up computer. Who knows where technology is going to lead us over the next few years? When I went to the site, www.myrolltop.com, one of the first thoughts I had was that if the computer had been yellow instead of silvery (or blue or green or red -- so far I’ve seen videos with all those different colors), it would have looked like a honey bee with those stripes along the body of it.
I know -- that’s stretching it a bit. You have to use your imagination. Okay, a LOT of imagination!
Part of me thinks the site is a hoax. If so, it’s a pretty impressive one. The other part of me thinks, Why not?
What do you think? If this is real, will it catch on? Is it like the bumblebee that isn't supposed to be able to fly, because scientists can prove that the bumblebee body is too heavy for its wings to support? The people who are developing this roll top computer may be the bumblebees of this generation.
Here’s another site about it to check out if you’re interested:
BEEattitude for Day #455:
       Blessed are those who try new flower patches, for they shall be pleasantly surprised.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

I'll have to check the site out. How's the exercise class going? Now that the flooding rain is over, we'll walk this afternoon - it's a brisk 47 degrees outside now and I'm loving this cooler weather.

Fran Stewart said...

Thanks for asking about the exercise program, Petie. I went four times last week. This week so far I've gone twice (Monday and Tuesday). My hope is to keep up a minimum of three times each week.

I'm still huffing and puffing by about half-way through the 50 minute class, but hopefully it will get easier the longer I go.

AggiePete said...

Dang! 50 minutes in a long time and half way is quite an accomplishment! Good for you! Hang in there!