Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day #473 The Problem with Caller ID

It used to BEE, every phone call was a surprise.
It used to BEE, when I came home after a few hours, and found a blank answering machine, I could say, “Well, probably a lot of people called, but they didn’t leave a message.”
Ever since I got caller ID, though, I’ve had to face the indisputable knowledge that not only did nobody leave a message, but nobody called in the first place.
I know the trend went from phone calls to emails to facebook, texting, and tweets, but I have to admit I miss phone calls on those days when I don’t hear from anyone at all.
Don’t get me wrong -- emails are great. But there’s just something about talking to a real voice that can’t be BEEat. The only thing better is having lunch face-to-face with a friend, with cell phones turned off or ignored during the meal.
This afternoon I’ll BEE doing just that -- and I’m looking forward to it.
If you call while I’m eating, even if you don’t leave a message, I’ll BEE able to call you back later, BEEcause AT&T will tell me who you are...

BEEattitude for Day #473:
       Blessed are those who leave water in a safe place for us bees, for they shall have the benefit of our buzzing every sunny day. 
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