Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day #10 "3,500 Bees per Pound"

Fun Facts about Bees:

1. A "fully-loaded" bee flies 6 to 9 miles per hour
2. When a bee is "empty," she lazes along at 8 mph
3. Bees can fly up to eight miles from their hive, but they usually stay within a 2-mile radius
4. Nectar Collecting:
        100-1,500 flowers per load
         up to 29 round trips per day
         a trip can last from 5 to 150 minutes
5. In order to produce 150 pounds of honey, the bees in one hive have to fly the equivalent of 13 trips to the moon and back again.

I have 590 more days to go on my blog. I wonder, in terms of effort, how that compares to even one trip to the moon. Bees are amazing, aren't they?

I pulled these tidbits from The Beekeeper's Handbook by Diana Sammataro & Alphonse Avitabile.

Beeatitude for Day #10:
            Blessed are they who care enough about us to learn what we need, for they shall be full of interesting facts to astound their friends.

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