Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day #19 "BEEcoming a Better Human"

Here in Georgia, it's getting to be Autumn, and the seed pods on my Aesclepias (better known as Butterfly Weed) are just about all blown away. My son photographed this milkweed pod several years ago. The picture expresses the wonder I feel when I look at my yard gradually folding into its winter rest. I hope it's getting ready for the bees that will join us in late March or early April.

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I know this is a blog about beekeeping, but if you get a chance to read Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin, let me know if you're as impressed with her work as I am. Based on her observations of other animals, I plan to be a lot more careful about the ways in which I look at my bees. I'd like to use the lessons I learn from them to become more fully (good) human myself.

BeeAttitude for Day #19:
          Blessed are they who watch us without judgment, for they shall learn great wisdom.

Something for Which I'm Grateful:
Brown leaves in the bright sunshine against a bright blue sky

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