Monday, October 25, 2010

Day #14 "Ever seen a corbicula?"

Okay - I'm better today. No more sniffing in my tea.


Do you know what a corbicula is? Neither did I until a few minutes ago when I read it in The Beekeeper's Handbook. I think I've read about it before this, but it only this minute sunk in. A corbicula is a pollen-collecting "basket" shaped like a flattened depression surrounded by curved spines of the outside of a bee's hind legs. Worker bees have two of them, one on each back leg. When they're fully loaded with pollen, the bee looks like it's toting a pair of cute little yellow saddlebags.

I looked for a photo of a corbicula, but the closest I could find was a butterfly bush with a yellow butterfly (in my daughter's yard).

I can't wait to see my honeybees all yellowed up.Only six more months until I get the bees. Then, who knows how long it will "bee" until I see the corbiculae filled with golden particles. Reading about it sets up some glorious anticipation. Temple Grandin, in her book Animals in Translation says that anticipation is often more satisfying than the end result. I saw the movie Temple Grandin and was so impressed I'm reading her books. So far, though, she hasn't said anything about bees.

BeeAttitude for Day #14:
     Blessed are they who respect us for who we are and what we do, for they shall be satisfied with their lives.

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