Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day #16 "1,340 stings"

Well, this is good. I just read that a lethal dose of venom would come from getting ten stings for every pound of body weight. For me, that means 1,340 stings. Guess I'm safe, because I just can't imagine that I'll make that many bees feel threatened.

On a happier note, bees beat their wings at a rate that's about half-way between mosquitos and grasshoppers. Aren't you glad to know that? I'm just glad that bees don't whine like mosquitos. I think that would drive me nuts. Instead, I'm looking forward to lazy mornings sitting on the deck listening to the hum of the bees as they work while I sip tea and write. The cats can look out the window, if they'll get out of their paper bags first.

Life is good.

BeeAttitude for Day #16:
      Blessed are they who respect all animals, for they shall be more aware of what we can teach them.

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