Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day #9 "Just sit 'em out in a field . . ."

This afternoon I rode on MARTA back from the Atlanta airport, and I got to talking about beekeeping with someone who sat down near me. A young soldier sitting in the next seat spoke up and said his parents kept bees, and that he'd been around them since he was two years old.

"All you need to do ma'am, is just sit 'em out in a field and watch them. There's not an awful lot to it."

Well, that's my thought, pretty much, too. I do want to be a bit more involved, though, which is why I'm spending all this time reading about bees and beekeeping.

Tomorrow, after I get back from my dentist appointment, I'm going to plant some red clover seed on the side of my front yard. I bought it through at Rancho Alegre. Hopefully it will bloom next year just in time for me to sit in a nearby chair and watch the bees collecting nectar for clover honey. Gotta figure out how to call the rain so the clover will germinate . . .

(c) Yelloideas Photography
NO! ! ! I don't want this much rain ! ! ! Hmm . . . Any good ideas on how to prevent that?

BeeAttitude for Day #9:
            Blessed are the “natural” beekeepers, for their honey shall be pure and their bees shall be happy and healthy.

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