Monday, October 18, 2010

Day #7 (only 593 to go)

Have I mentioned yet that I gave up sugar a few weeks ago? It was working just fine until I attended a Board meeting in a gracious old house -- and there were bowls of candy corn here and there around the place. So much for my resolution.

Bees don't have that problem. A honeybee would never say, "Gee, I'm tired of being a vegetarian. I think I'll try to eat a cow." Humans are omnivores. That's what gets us into trouble. Because we can eat such a wide range of foods - and because our bodies seem to need that wide range - we lay ourselves open to temptation on every side.

Bees have been gathering nectar and pollen for millions of years, and they've done just fine with that standard diet. They feed their babies honey and pollen and Royal Jelly. And water. That's it. Sounds very uncomplicated, doesn't it?

Well, I'm in a mood right now that has me thinking that simplicity is a particularly good idea. Maybe it's all the sugar I've been ingesting. Sugar makes me grumpy, and I don't like that. Maybe I should go watch a bee for awhile--if I could find one. How long till Spring, when I can have bees right here on my back deck?

Beeatitude for Day #6:
            Blessed are they who eat local honey, for they shall be healthier as a result.

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