Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day #17 "H & L Bee Farm"

Today (Wednesday) I drove four hours (one way) to check out the H & L Bee Farm in Ocilla, GA, and five hours back (there were accidents on I-285). It was well worth the trip!

Not only did I see the hives up close as Brenda drove me around the Bee Farm on an electric cart, I came home with my very own Deluxe Garden Hive in "Rubber Duck Yellow." If I could figure out how to do it, I'd show you a picture of it. I'll have to ask my granddaughter to teach me how to transfer a picture from my phone to my computer.

Now, at 7:30 on Wednesday evening, the hive is sitting in my dining room, with a cat perched on top of it. I haven't put it out on the deck yet because it's pouring, and I don't want the wood to weather any more than necessary. It will be fresh and ready to go when I get the bees in late March or early April.

I've already ordered them and put down a deposit.I'll be getting a nuc and a package. Don't know what those are? You just wait. I'll explain it all in a later post. Meanwhile:

[I know, this is a book, not a hive, but the color is right]

The nice folks at H&L gave me a CD called "Getting Started with Bees." Terry Hester, one of the owners of H & L said it wasn't a Hollywood production. Nope! But it's full of downright helpful information, and now I've seen how to light a smoker, how to place a package of bees in my hive, how to inspect the hives, and so much more.

BeeAttitude for Day #17:
   Blessed are those who put bands around their wrists and ankles, for we shall not get caught in their clothing and they shall not get stung, so we shall go on to live and produce more honey.

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