Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day #415 Filling Out Calendars

December is the month I always fill out my Daytimer for the upcoming year. It takes a while to do it, but I rather enjoy the ritual.  Bees don’t need calendars. They know what their schedule will be.

Grow a bit
Fly out and mate with 30 or 40 drones
Lay eggs for the rest of my life.

Fly along with the queen
Mate and croak

Day   1      Clean out the cell I just hatched from; fly out to see where I live
Day   2      Clean out lots of other cells
Day   3      Clean more cells
Day   4      Feed some larvae
Day   5      Feed more larvae
Day   6      Feed more
Day   7      Collect garbage and dump it outside
Day   8      Drag garbage outside
Day   9      Garbage duty
Day 10      Repair damaged comb
Day 11       Build some new comb
Day 12      Build comb
Day 13      Repair comb
Day 14      Build
Day 15      Take nectar from incoming bees
Day 16      Put incoming pollen in cells
Day 17      Insert nectar in cells
Day 18      Food duty
Day 19      Fan the nectar to evaporate the water
Day 20     Fan nectar to evaporate the water
Day 21      Fan nectar to evaporate water
Day 22      Fan nectar – Whew!
Day 23      Stand guard to protect the hive
Day 24      Guard the front door
Day 25      Guard duty
Day 26      Fly around to orient myself
Day 27      Gather nectar and pollen
Day 28     etc.
Day 29         and so on . . .

I think I’d rather have my Daytimer.

BEEattitude for Day # 415:
       Blessed are those who enjoy their work, for their smiles shall be radiant.

The teeny details:
     Dec.   3       1-3 p.m.         Books for Less, Buford GA
     Dec.   4       1-3 p.m.         Humpus Bumpus Bookstore, Cumming GA
     Dec. 10       2-4 p.m.         Peerless Bookstore, Alpharetta GA   

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AggiePete said...

God love them - none of it sounds easy. Believe me when I tell you I have developed an entire new respect for 'fuzzies' after reading your blog. I mean, I never disrespected them in any way but goodness, I never knew it was such hard work for such an itty bitty 'fuzzy'!

Fran Stewart said...

Glad you have, Petie. That means I'm a success as a writer if this blog has changed your life.

Happy December!