Friday, December 2, 2011

Day #416 Seventy Days

In a recent newspaper column, Lisa Earl McLeod mentioned the 1 percent rule that she had picked up from her mentor, Alan Weiss:

“Instead of trying to be perfect at everything,” she wrote, “pick something that’s going to make a difference and make a vow to get 1 percent better at it every day.”
According to Weiss, “If you improve by 1 percent each day, in 70 days you’ll be twice as good.”

The math for this may seem counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t it take 100 days to increase by 100 percent?
Say you’re starting at a level of 12, and you want to get to 24. If you increase by 1% each day, the first day you’d go from 12 to 12.12,
  •    the second day from 12.12 to 12.2412,
  •       day 3 from 12.2412 to 12.363612, and so on.
  •          By day 9, you’d be at 13.12422327221233,
  •             and by day 35, you’d be just a hair under 17 (16.99923307237521).
Sure enough, on day 70, you’d accomplish you goal. In fact, you’d be a teeny bit over the mark (24.0811604207446).

Didn’t you always want to know that?
Of course, you’d have to be diligent about that 1% improvement each day.

You can apply this to just about anything. Learn a bit more each day. Practice a bit more. Study a bit more. Walk a bit more.
Wanna move a mountain/write a book/become a beekeeper/learn Esperanto? Now you know how.

BEEattitude for Day # 416:
       Blessed are those who build their comb with steady work, for they shall have honey aplenty.

The teeny details:
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Dec. 10 2-4 p.m.                    Peerless Bookstore, Alpharetta GA

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AggiePete said...

1% a day for 70 days .... for me would be about Leap Years Day (or thereabouts)! Couldn't hurt .....
On the way to work this morning on the bus, Billy asked that I be sure & mention "a bee's favorite holiday singer ... Burl Hives"! I know: get the cane & drag him off!! We had a good laugh and started the day off pretty well after that! Hugs to you & yours - we are in for our first freeze after Sunday's day long rain but hey, it's December - beats that 110 we had this summer!!!

Fran Stewart said...

There has to be some sort of prize for "Burl Hives." And I didn't even ask the question!

AggiePete said...

Hey, seeing his name in print is prize enough - and to put a smile on both of our faces - well, that's a winner! Have a wonderful week-end!

Fran Stewart said...

I'll use this in a couple of days. Thanks!