Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day #429 Bees Knees Bee Report!

Tuesday evening at the Gwinnett Beekeepers meeting, I asked Rob Alexander how my bees were doing. You’ll remember that he took both hives to Rancho Alegre after I developed the allergy to bee stings.

Turns out that the bees in one of the hives are as gentle as sunrise over a tree-lined meadow. The other hive, though—and don’t ask me what the difference is because I haven’t a clue—turned out to be what beekeepers call peppery. That mean they’re cranky as all get-out. But that peppery hive is the one that’s absolutely LOADED with honey.

Now, since both beehives came from the same bee farm, and since I treated them both pretty much the same, what could make two hives be so opposite in nature? It’s probably the queen’s genetics. Other than that, who knows?

Rob’s pretty sure that the peppery hive [that sounds so much better than “the mean hive,” doesn’t it?] is going to produce lots of honey come the spring honey flow. 

Let’s hope he’s right.

BEEattitude for Day #429:
       Blessed are those who share their enthusiasms, for they shall spread joy and have it bounce back into their lives.

The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

That is fascinating - that one hive can be so unlike the other yet 'raised the same'. I suppose it's like a set of twins - identical in looks and yet opposite in demeanor ... not Katie & I of course ... we are very much alike ... my husband insists he got 'the pick of the litter'!!

Fran Stewart said...

Years ago my mother used to tell the story of some friends of hers who were twins. One of them got married, and they BOTH went on the honeymoon. Years later, when anyone asked the husband how he ever told them apart, his stock line was, "I don't think it makes much difference." At which point both sisters would giggle.