Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day #442 Silver Sneakers

Bees don’t need an exercise program. They work hard all their life long. Once they start flying out to forage, they simply don’t stop except at night. They must be in great shape.  Unlike me.

But now I find that there’s an exercise program for us old farts – it’s called Silver Sneakers, and I’m going to try it out next month.

Today I visited a gym up the road a ways. I’ve never been in a fitness center in my whole life. I’m not against exercise, it’s just that I could never figure out why somebody would pay to go to an exercise place when they could just walk around the neighborhood three or four times a week.


The trouble is, I haven’t been walking around my neighborhood even once a week. There are some big noisy dogs who get out of their yards periodically. I don’t want to take the risk.

There aren’t any dogs at the fitness center.

There’s a sauna, though. And a dance-exercise class (an easy one designed for people who have trouble running upstairs).

I’m starting next week. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

BEEattitude for Day #442:
       Blessed are those who dance through life, for they shall have healthy hearts.

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AggiePete said...

I think it's great you're going to the 'fitness center' - I wouldn't mind going h but first I'd need to lose a little weight before I would feel comfortable in front of others! Yep, we are very interested in updates on your gym visits - you'll do really well I'm sure!

The Cat Bastet said...

I'm so glad you like the fitness center!

I hate to exercise because it's so boring. Finally found a solution I love: Tai Chi. I took the class for the stress-reducing factor and LOVE it. The exercises are slow/low impact but I can really feel the difference. I always feel great after a class.

I have Tai Chi DVDs at home. Do I do them on my own? Nope. Apparently the only way I can motivate myself is to take a class. If it's in my planner, it gets done. Somehow, doing it on my own (even if I put it in the planner) just isn't the same.

Cathy AJ

Fran Stewart said...

I decided that I simply would put blinders on when I go, and not look at anyone else or worry about what I look like. After all, if my arms and legs were in better shape, I wouldn't need to be going in the first place!

Fran Stewart said...

Ah! Tai Chi -- yes. It's wonderful. But I'm like you, Cathy -- I'd need a class to get me to do it. My sister has been doing Chi Gong for years, and when she comes to visit I simply love watching her practice.