Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day #422 Bees Don't Lose Things

 Bees don’t lose things, the way people do. When the Gwinnett Choral Guild had that fund raiser recently, putting together home shows for Premier Jewelry and reaping the benefits because the Jewelry Lady, Judy Parsons, gave a large percentage of her profits to the GCG, I booked two shows, as you well know because I’ve mentioned them before here in this blog.

The way it works is that Premier ships the items to the show hostess (that’s Frannie in this case), and the show hostess distributes the goodies to the women who were her guests.


I had great fun piling the bags in stacks and handing them over to my friends.

Today I was headed out to have lunch with my dear friend Darlene Carter when the phone rang. “Bring my jewelry along when you come,” she said.

“Jewelry? Didn’t I already give it to you?”

Oh dear. Bees don’t have this sort of problem. All they carry around is nectar and pollen. Plus, they clean out cells and dump the garbage outside the hive. That’s about it in terms of carrying.

Now, the question is, where did I carry Darlene’s bracelet and such? I don’t have a beautifully-organized hive to search. I’ve looked in every room in my house, the garage, the car. I’ve looked under things and in things and on top of things. I’m pretty sure those silver-colored Premier boxes are … somewhere … I think …

Fortunately, Darlene is quite forgiving. She was nice enough to say, “Maybe you did deliver them, and I just misplaced them.”


She may be forgiving, but I still have to find those blinkin’ things. Either that or order another set for her. Wish me luck, will you?

And here’s the picture of Indigo’s cover, as I promised. If you haven't read this one yet, don't read the next one (VIOLET) until after you've finished INDIGO. I leave some loose threads at the end of INDIGO that don't get answered for a while. And, anyway, if you read VIOLET first, you'll find out who gets killed in INDIGO. It would be a shame to spoil the suspense.


BEEattitude for Day # 422:
       Blessed are those who know where they're flying, for they shall find their way out and back again. 


AggiePete said...

First, I definitely read Indigo so I'm ready for Violet!!! Violet is also where Bob gets the 'fuzzies', right? And as for misplacing stuff, I hide things from myself often but in reality you probably did deliver the bag and it will be found!

Fran Stewart said...

Does that make me a bag lady?

AggiePete said...

Hey, I'd be one if there was 'goodies' in it!! Nope, you're still the "Bee Lady" - always will 'bee' !!!

Fran Stewart said...

Maybe I should change my name to Frannie Bee Stewart

AggiePete said...

No matter what your middle name is, you're still a 'honey of a writer' .... 'get the cane and drag me off' !!! Say goodnight, Gracie!

Fran Stewart said...


Good night, Gracie