Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day # 431 Lisa's Third Husband

I was walking down the AudioBook section of my favorite Gwinnett County Library branch, and found Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog, written and recorded by Lisa Scottoline. It’s a series of essays about life in general, specifically about her life as a woman who’s been divorced twice.

It got me to thinking. Maybe I could record all these blog posts and put them up on I’m not quite sure about how to do it, but I do have a good microphone, and I have several friends who could probably rescue me if I get totally mired in unfamiliar technology.

The only trouble is – what will I do about all the pictures I’ve used?

1. Do I describe them:
            “Here’s a red flower.”
            “Here’s a blue flower with a bee on it.”
            “You’ll have to imagine this picture from Day #363 (October 10th) of Aggie Pete being hugged by Clutch, the great big Houston Rockets mascot.”

2. Do I ignore the pictures?
            But how will that work when I have a picture that’s an integral part of a particular post? How would I handle the post about my grandchildren throwing the thistles seeds up into the sunlight streaming through the skylights?

3. Do I work out some sort of compromise between the two systems?
            Somehow I’m not sure an audio book like that will fly, but I’d really like to try it. When my bees went to a new home, they didn’t curl up in their hive and say, “We don’t know the flowers in this area.” No! They ventured forth into unknown territory and filled their hive with honey. So, should I venture out?

What do you think? Any ideas? Should I do it?

And how?

BEEattitude for Day #431:
       Blessed are those who put themselves on the line for something they believe in, the way we foraging bees do every time we leave the hive, for they shall rest easy, knowing their lives are fulfilled.

The teeny details:
BOOK SIGNING TODAY: an Author’s Gala at Books for Less in Buford
my books: Please buy them from an independent bookstore or directly from my website.

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