Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day #112 Airport Bonanza

I had a long wait at an airport in Florida once, when I was on my way back from a speaking engagement at Edison College. I got to talking with the woman sitting beside me, and she's turned out to be a wonderful resource. Jill Sensiba knows a lot about plants, and -- whatever she doesn't know, she knows how to find out.

Jill bought all my books (bless her!), and after reading Indigo as an Iris, the fifth in the series, she wrote me an email that included this section:

Regarding forgiveness, I was recently touched by a TV show where a priest was leading a forgiveness group, and one of the members of the group said, "He doesn't deserve my forgiveness." The priest reminded the group that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Now that I've heard it, it seems so obvious, but I hadn't really thought of it that way before.

From a karmic viewpoint, I see forgiveness as the form of Divine Love that loosens the karmic ties that keep us bound together until we can learn to untie them. I thought you did a marvelous job in Indigo describing the personal struggles we all have when we are ready to move on and let go.

One time I was thinking about someone who had wronged me, and the image that I got was that I sat holding on to one end of a ball of twine, and the other person had the ball. He walked around, unconcerned and unaware of either my anger or my need for him to "get what was coming to him." Because I wouldn't let go of the twine, I'm the one who ended up all wrapped up in the twine as the other person just went about his day. Eventually, I was so wrapped up, I couldn't move.

As I came to this realization, my Inner Guide showed up with a large pair of scissors, and managed to cut away all the loops of twine that had me pinned to the chair. I was FREE!! Yay!! Thank you!!

But then I suddenly thought, "But wait a minute... does that mean he gets to get away with it??" The Master rolled his eyes, and handed me the end of the ball of twine again!

I asked her if I could use her story in my blog. I know, it doesn’t have a thing to do with bees – they don’t bother about blaming and they never get tangled up in webs of their own devising the way we people do. Let’s learn from the bees – and from Jill.

BEEattitude for Day # 112:
       Blessed are those who forgive, for they shall fly (or walk) freely.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       Linus, one of the Agriculture Department’s ”Beagle Brigade,” whose handler brought him to Murder Goes South last Saturday for a demonstration of how he sniffs out contraband plants, fruits, and vegetables at the airport. After the show Linus gave me doggie kisses.   



The Cat Bastet said...

Thank you Fran and Jill for such an insightful and inspiring post!

Fran Stewart said...

You're quite welcome.

When I started writing this blog, I thought it would be only about bees, but I should have known better. Writer that I am, I can't help sharing thoughts on so many other subjects.

But it's funny how most things relate to bees in one way or other.