Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day #128 Captain Jack Sparrow

I’m not sure what bees think of cats, or what cats think of bees, but you can’t have read this blog or any of my writings for very long without knowing that I’m one of those cat people. Crazy lady with cats, some might say. I have two grand-dogs I love, but for sheer day-to-day companionship, I prefer the feline variety.

When I look out my office window, I can see the resting places of a number of my dear old furry friends.  Some of them were relatively young when they died of various ailments; some of them had gotten on in cat years. There comes a time when they have to go, and while I firmly believe that there is a reason, a soul-based reason, for every death, it still isn’t any easier when that time comes, particularly since our animal companions don’t always let us know it’s their time to go.

Sparrow in the Sink (c) 2010 by  Petie Ogg
Yesterday, Petie Ogg emailed me from Texas to say that the final time had come unexpectedly for their dear sweet Captain Jack Sparrow. I’m so sorry for your loss, Petie. We’ve become friends through this blog, and even though I never met Jack, I know his love must have enriched the lives of your family.

When animals die, they cross the Rainbow Bridge to a beautiful land where they live happily together. Often, though, one of them will perk up its ears and trot happily back to the end of the Rainbow Bridge to greet a long-loved person who is finally making the same trip. I feel sure that my dear old friends will be there to greet me when it’s my turn to cross that bridge, and I’m equally sure that Jack will wait for you, Petie.

BEEattitude for Day # 128:
       Blessed are they who love animals, for we animals shall, each in our own way, love them in return.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       The irises that grow above the graves of Waldo and Jazzminka


AggiePete said...

Dear friend, it's 242 AM and I'm reading your wonderful tribute to our dear Jack. You are a blessing to all, and I know our Jack would love you as well. Thank you so much. Petie

Fran Stewart said...

You're quite welcome, Petie. I love that photo of Jack, by the way. How old was he at the time?

AggiePete said...

In this photo he was only about 4 - we had just moved into the rent house we are in now and he 'claimed' the front bathroom sink as his 'cool spot'. Billy got up this morning, and I showed him the article - he said you were so special to have taken the time to write about our Jack. You see, Billy found Jack on the Sunday after Thanksgiving crying in some bushes outside an apartment complex where we had temporarily moved. He was so small; Bill went to the WalMart to get him some food, supplements, etc. and after that he was Billy's 'boy'. In fact Billy said this morning Jack had certainly grown a bit since his 'sink photo'! Again, dear friend, thank you for all you do for so many - St. Francis is smiling this morning, as well. We love you, Petie