Friday, February 18, 2011

Day #129 I did it!

You may recall that I’ve had some trepidation about lighting my smoker.  In fact, I’ve tried several times (times I didn’t admit to in this blog) and failed miserably.

But Thursday afternoon I dug the slightly-charred remains of my last attempts from the guts of the smoker and started anew out on the back deck.

1.       Tear off some strips of newspaper. Stuff them in the smoker.
2.      Gather your fuel (in my case, pine needles) and stow them nearby.
3.      Tear another strip of newspaper (seven or eight sheets thick) and light one end.
4.      Try not to incinerate your hand as you stuff the burning paper into the smoker.
5.      Give it a few gallant wheezes with the attached bellows, enough to send clouds of smoke into the air.
6.      Finish coughing and move upwind from the contraption.
7.      Now stuff your fuel in on top of the burning paper.
8.   Close the lid.
9.     Pump the bellows like crazy and watch the smoke billow forth.

This time I got it to stay smoking for twenty minutes! That should be long enough to check my hives, right? I hope my bees turn out to be patient with me.

BEEattitude for Day # 129:
       Blessed are those who practice their skills before they need them, for they shall be prepared when the time comes.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       The Maté-dor Chai tea I bought at Aristeacrats in Lawrenceville. It’s so tasty, I decided to mention it in my next book.    

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AggiePete said...

Kudos to you on lighting that smoker! Persistence pays off! Nice going!