Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day #515 How Bees and Moths Beat Their Wings

Here’s another goody I wouldn’t have expected.
Dr. Heinrich explained in his lecture that the muscles bees use for wing movement don’t move the wings directly. Instead, they compress and expand the thorax in micro-movements. It is those tiny expansions and contractions that push the wings up and down.
I do wonder if hummingbird wings work the same way. Maybe by the time I’ve read Dr. H’s books, I’ll know the answer to that.

Tomorrow: How Bumblebees hatch their eggs.
BEEattitude for Day #515:
       Blessed are those who open their windows in the spring, for they shall feel more connected to those of us who live outside always.
The teeny details:
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Megan said...

Hi Fran,
Just catching up after ten days hospital visiting. My husband is home now and busy getting better and not complaining nearly as much as I would be.Hope your neice is doing well too.Was interested to hear you listen to Garrison Keillour's Radio Show on Saturday evenings which is exactly what I do!Such a small world. I discovered six months ago that he was on BBC Radio 4,but I think we are a year behind because today he was in New York.Really enjoyed seeing him at the Edinburgh Book Festival a few years ago.Time we saw you there too!

Fran Stewart said...

Megan, glad to hear your husband is better. And thank for your good wishes for my niece. She's had some rough patches, but is progressing. She's no longer in the high-risk ICU -- just the regular ICU, which is a big improvement.

As to PHC - it's good to know he's available in Scotland.

And, I don't know anything about the Edinburgh Book Festival. will have to do some homework!!!