Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day #534 Blue Bell Ice Cream

Picture from Blue Bell's Website

In a comment on yesterday’s blog post, Petie Ogg mentioned that not only will she be 18 years free of cancer this coming Sunday, but her family will be celebrating with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Good for you, Petie!
Her comment brought back an elusive memory--elusive in that I hadn’t thought about it in maybe 20 years. I do wonder if my kids remember it -- I'll have to ask them.
You may recall that I used to live in Vermont. And I used to be active in volunteering for the Vermont Public Television Auction. One year one of the local businesses donated two five-gallon tubs of Blue Bell Ice Cream. One of Vanilla and one of Chocolate.
We bid on both of them, hoping to win one or the other.

We WON both of them.
Now, the only way to eat a 5-gallon tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream is to sit it on the floor, get a long-handled spoon for everyone in the family, and dig in.
We even got to where we’d let guests in on the game. The ones who took us up on it were the true friends indeed.

BEEattitude for Day #534:
       Blessed are those who celebrate with joy, for their hearts shall be light.
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AggiePete said...

A five gallon tub of Blue Bell???!!! Talk about heaven on earth - and to win both Vanilla & Chocolate - fantastic!!! Thank you for mentioning my 18 year victory - you, too, are a blessing to me. We have our spoons at the ready for Sunday's get-together ... and you'll be right here with me in spirit and in heart!

Fran Stewart said...

Yeah, it was a little bit (a BIG bit) of heaven. Could never handle that today -- my 'fridge is only 10 cubic feet, with a teeny, tiny freezer.