Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day #525 Hope Reins

I have a dear friend who volunteers at an amazing equine therapy place in the Raleigh NC area called Hope Reins.
She feeds and cleans the horses, freshens their stalls, and does all sorts of very necessary work, simply because her heart goes out to these gentle horses, all of whom have been rescued from ghastly conditions, brought back to health, and given a chance to interact with children who need the kind of love and intuitive care that a horse can give.
I’d just like to acknowledge the folks at Hope Reins, and all the fine organizations that find a need and do their best to meet it.
BEEattitude for Day #525:
       Blessed are those who reach out to help, for they shall walk taller, stand prouder, breathe deeper.
The teeny details:
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Fran Stewart said...

Oh dear. I'm going to have to print a retraction tomorrow. I said Kathi freshens the stalls. That was an assumption on my part. I'll set it striaght tomorrow