Monday, March 19, 2012

Day #524 Am I Way Too Busy?

I would have liked to go to Eagle Eye Books in Decatur Saturday to see Cathy Kaemmerlen, who spoke about her book The Buzz on Honeybees. One of the regular readers of this blog emailed me about Cathy's presentation.  Thank you, Mary G. I appreciated the heads-up, and was sorry to have to miss it. I hope you enjoyed it twice -- once for you and once for me. 
Kaemmerlen is an author, actor, and storyteller whose latest book is about -- what else? -- honey bees. I love the idea that someone is speaking at schools, teaching young people to respect the pollinators, sending a message with a great deal of humor and animation, so they’ll remember the lesson (hopefully) all their lives.
Instead, I was singing in a Mozart concert for the Gwinnett Choral Guild. Why are there so many worthwhile things that I want to do? Why do they all seem to happen at once? 
BEEattitude for Day #524:
       Blessed are those who do what they love, and love what they do, for they shall feel fulfilled.
The teeny details:
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AggiePete said...

I wish we had had someone like Cathy doing 'presentations' when I was in school. I know those would be subjects that would stick with you for a long time!! And speaking of fuzzies, with this incredibly warm weather here, little fuzzies are 'out & about' for sure! We're in for some severe storms/winds/tornados through Wed night so prayerfully they will be taking cover too!!

Cathy Kaemmerlen said...

Fran: thanks for your comments and so nice to connect with you and learn about your beekeeping knowledge. If you're free I'm signing and performing at the ABG Saturday, March 31 at 11:00 in the children's amphitheatre and then signing books at the gift shop immediately afterwards. Also signing Saturday, March 24 at Peerless Books in Alpharetta from 1-2:30. Would love to meet you.
Cathy Kaemmerlen

Fran Stewart said...

Cathy, how lovely to see a comment from you.

I definitely cannot make it on the 24th, but I'll try to shift another appointment around for the 31st. If I can, I'll see you at the ABG.