Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day #107 Credit Cards

I have one credit card, and only one. I pay off the entire balance every month. I’ve taken Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I believe in absolute fiscal responsibility. I keep very good financial records.

That said, this month I goofed. When my credit card statement came, I found a $10 charge on there that I swore I could not possibly have made. I called USAA and explained to them that I’d never been to that particular hotel, which was way too fancy ever to charge only $10 for something; they reversed the charge, but they gave me the phone number of the hotel so I could check to see if anyone had counterfeited my card; I called the hotel.

Some nice young man spent time and effort researching the charge and finally told me that it was a valet charge. Ohmigosh! I’d completely forgotten a friend of mine needed to go to downtown Atlanta that particular day so she could attend an awards luncheon. For various reasons, she couldn’t drive, so I acted as chauffeur and ate lunch with her. When I went to get the car after the lunch, I didn’t have any cash with me, so I put the valet charge on my credit card, but then my friend handed me $10 in cash and took the printed receipt.

Sum total of it was that I forgot to enter the charge in my Quickbooks program. Grrr… These programs only work if you actually sit down and put in the information. Anyway, I then had to call USAA back again so they could re-reverse the charge.

Credit is never an issue with honey bees. Maybe that’s because they’re smarter than we are.

BEEattitude for Day # 107:
       Blessed are those who pay attention to what they’re doing, for they shall be less confused in the long run.

What Fran is grateful for right now:
       The two people at USAA and one at Twelve Atlantic Station who graciously spent their time helping me.

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