Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #99 Ninety-nine? Hooray!

When I started this 600-day project more than three months ago, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be able to keep it up. So today, I’m going to celebrate a bit. Let’s see…how should I do this?

1.       Eat chocolate
2.      Read another bee book chapter or two
3.      Write another blog entry
4.      Pat a cat or two
5.      Order the rest of the beekeeping supplies I’ll need next March
6.      All of the above

What do you want to bet number 6 wins?

BEEattitude for Day # 99:
       Blessed are those who persevere, for they shall accomplish much.

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       Warm homemade bread drizzled with real butter   

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AggiePete said...

Of course you'll do all 6 - and boy, did you have a good start for #1 !!! Have enjoyed all 99 days so far and will celebrate with you - thanks for all the good days!

Fran Stewart said...

I haven't managed number 5 yet, but there's still time.

Thanks for your praise. It means a lot.

Now, go eat some chocolate!

Fran Stewart said...

Didn't get them ordered. Phooey. Maybe tomorrow...