Monday, January 10, 2011

Day #90 Just in case

How much time do we spend doing things "just in case..."?

It makes sense to stock food and water and candles just in case of a weather problem.

It makes sense to have a pencil handy just in case I'm somewhere without access to a computer.

It makes sense to get an extra hive body (the box the queen bee lays eggs in) ready just in case my bees multiply faster than I think they might.

It makes sense to save a percentage of income each month just in case I'll need it in the future.

And yesterday morning, it made sense to me that just in case the power goes out in the stupendous snow and ice storm that was predicted to hit Georgia Sunday night, it would make a great deal of sense for me to write these blogs ahead of time for the next few days. Eight years ago, a big branch from a pine tree fell and snapped my power line, and I was the only one in my neighborhood without power during a particularly nasty ice storm. Naturally I was LOW on the list of priorities for the power company. They were trying their best to get electricity to hospitals and nursing homes and neighborhoods where everyone had lost power.

I made it through by living in one room with the nine cats I had at the time. It's amazing how much heat a cat generates. We slept under a tent of blankets. I ate cold food. I lit a dozen or so big pillar candles in the adjoining bathroom - put them in the tub and propped up a screen door so the heat could get out of the room and the cats couldn't get near the candles.

Nine days later, my power was back on. I must admit that the eighth day I walked up the street and asked a neighbor if I could sleep in her spare room. She fed me hot food, too. She hadn't known I was having such a hard time.

As you may know, because I've mentioned it often enough in these blog posts, I have a grove of huge pine trees on the north side of my house. That's where the line comes in from the power pole, so I'm being sensible. I'm writing blog #90 and the next few as well while I'm sitting here warm and comfortable.

Just in case...

BEEattitude for Day # 90:
       Blessed are the sensible, for they (like bees) shall prepare for winter. 

One thing Fran is grateful for right now:
       Hot Cream of Wheat

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